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Exclusive Services

Bringing families together to support one another on their wellness journeys. 

Women's Group

A support group for women to share, explore, build skills, and encourage one another to live authentically in mind, body, heart and spirit.


Mother Daughter Group

Mothers or female caregivers and their daughters join together in combined and age-appropriate groups to strengthen their bonds through shared listening, creative expression, and skill building. 


Girls Group

Group explores the development within the context of their family relationships and have the opportunity to safely and respectfully acknowledge and explore the many gifts and challenges of growing up within the family unit.   Girls share the influence of their families and cultural values on their own social-emotional development, and build skills to strengthen their confidence in relationships with relatives and peers.


Young Men Group

Group provides social support for young men, promote pro-social behaviors, build empathy, encourage resistance against bullying, and interrupt violence. It also addresses gender roles and expectations, self-expression, healthy masculinity, respect for differences, positive ethnic identity, communication, empathy, and becoming allies. 

“Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient.” -  Steve Maraboli

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