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Building Community Through Education and Family


To effectively work with youth and families from a trauma-informed lens we must understand trauma/generational trauma.  Working with families can be challenging given the generational patterns of trauma, poverty, incarceration, etc.  It is essential to understand generational trauma and how to work with families from a trauma informed perspective. Without this, we can have unrealistic expectations for families and encounter barriers to recovery.  We provide family and community based education and training.





We offer educational group class for adults with mental health disorders or their caregivers who would like to share their stories, learn more about mental health or understanding the signs to help yourself or others in your life.

We’ve been where you are now and are trained facilitators — either as a peer or as a family caregiver with years of experience.   If you need to talk and share your experiences with peers who understand your journey, join our four-week program and be part of a collective group that will support and listen to you.

* Various training's specifically for faith and religious communities.


Presentations for African American communities designed to promote mental health awareness, explore signs and symptoms of mental health conditions and highlight how and where to find help.

Presentations for the general public to promote awareness of mental health conditions and recovery. 

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