About Us

Founder, Sarah L. McFarland

Sarah is the Founder of The Learning and Integrating New Knowledge and Skills Center, Inc. (The LINKS Center, Inc.).  a nonprofit organization that provides support services to families caring for children diagnosed with mental illness.  Sarah uses her lived experience to encourage individuals from diverse backgrounds to move from hopelessness to wholeness.


Sarah is a Certified Trauma Professional, she also works as a Certified Parent Support Provider, Peer Recovery Specialist and Youth Counselor.  She has worked an a CASA Guardian Ad Liten volunteer, Advocate for Sexual Trauma Services and Domestic Violence Prevention. She devotes much of her time to advocate for survivors of childhood abuse and neglect.  Sarah is a Board member, advocate and facilitator for NAMI, The National Alliance on Mental Illness. 

Overcoming Adversity and living with Resilience  


Whether we like it or not adversity is part of life. Overcoming adversity is one of the big challenges we have in life. Sarah has overcome and defy the odds, succeed in the face of adversity, survive tragedy and display strength and resilience when challenged. She will inspire you through her story of success and achievement following tragedy, injury, hardship and abandonment.  Sarah's story below will inspire and show you exactly what can be achieved when faced with adversity. Sarah is dedicated to her work and has utilised every opportunity to further her involvement in the community. Sarah wishes to inspire others to accept the differences in our multicultural society and with that make a difference in our society. Sarah utilises her powerful and inspired voice to advocate equality and acceptance within her community. She has become an optimistic and passionate representative of  both Faith and Rural communities.

What We Do 

We support families dealing with mental health issues. 

We know that many people are affected by mental health: children, parents, siblings, communities, spouses and beyond. We also know there are unique topics surrounding mental health disorders that are often misunderstood.

We are a peer-to-peer mental health nonprofit that understands the complicated social, economic and ethical concerns that caring for someone with a mental health disorder can bring to a family. So how do we start supporting families?

Current Activities

  • Provide and assist with resources and educational services for families in need or in crisis.

  • Provide educational outreach for children, teens and young adults.

  • One-on-One Peer Chats

  • Peer-to-peer mental health groups.

  • Educational Outreach and Special Events

  • Coordinate outreach on social issues related to mental health, poverty, and racism surrounding the African American community.

  • Create partnerships with other mental health organizations with parallel goals.