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Welcome to The Learning and Integrating New Knowledge and Skills Center, Inc.

Our Mission

To provide quality mental health services and Educational Alternatives for families and children connected to the Juvenile Justice System.

Our Vision

To eleminate the stigma surrounding mental illness.

Who We Serve

We help families navigating child-serving systems, such as: Schools, the Department of Social Services, Juvenile Justice, Foster Care and more.

We're here to help you

The Family Advocates at The LINKS Center, Inc. are dedicated to providing support and guidance to families of children with a mental heath challenges.  Many children in, or at risk of entering our juvenile justice system end up there because of unmet mental health needs. By providing education, advocacy and support we believe we can make a positive difference in the lives of children, families and communities.   

We Help You Find Local Services in Your Area

Welcome! You took the first step in learning more about options for support, when it comes to dealing with the needs of a loved one, your own issues, or as a caregiver looking for answers.

We are a small peer-run nonprofit, but a mighty one with partnerships and known resources that can help guide you to a better support system when life just seems too much right now.










It will take time. Mental health-related issues are not a quick fix. Sometimes you might need a small solution like a bag of groceries to feed your family for a week, or it might take six months to a year to see the light of a better future. As a peer, we have been where you are now, and please note that together we are stronger and can accomplish anything we want to do — with support.   

Our Family Support Program supports families in ways the whole family might need assistance. We are committed to helping meet the challenges families are facing with regard to peer and professional support and access to services. If you need assistance with a related mental health issue with your family; we are here to assist in ways that matter. One person at a time.

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